#1 Oklahoma Vs #2 Northeastern Oklahoma A&M Simulated First Half

Ham Bowl (small)Ladies and gentlemen today I give you the 1st half of the 12 annual Hammer Bowl. Here is how both teams got to this point. NEO was a first round bye team who played UCM in a semifinal game. NEO handedly defeated UCM 15 to 8. OU was also a first round bye team who defeated Wild Card champion SWOSU in a very lopsided semifinal game, 18 to 2. And here we are the 12 Hammer Bowl Championship and the 3rd since changing to a tournament format back in 2010. This will be the 10th time OU and NEO have met in the Hammer Bowl Tournament (8th time in the championship round) but this is the first time they have met in the championship round since 2010. Good luck to both teams.

NEO won the toss and will elect to receive the ball first.

1st Quarter

Every time these two teams meet in the Hammer Tournament it is guaranteed to be a great game. The first quarter is scoreless as both teams make moves toward the end zone but costly penalties and turnovers force both teams to make drastic adjustments on both sides of the ball.

End of 1st Quarter, OU 0; NEO 0

2nd Quarter

In what is developing into as one of the most evenly matched games in Hammer Tournament history half time comes with no team really showing who is dominating this football game. Both defenses are shutting down the others running game and both teams are making yards on passing but turnovers in the red zone interrupt any type of scoring.

End of 1st Half, OU 0; NEO 0

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