#1 Oklahoma Vs #2 Northeastern Oklahoma A&M Simulated Second Half

Ham Bowl (small)

OU will receive the ball to start the 2nd half.

3rd Quarter

In what has started out as one of the most evenly matched games in Hammer Tournament history we are starting the 2nd half with a 0-0 score. These two teams have combined won 11 of the last 11 Hammer Tournaments. OU 10 times and NEO 1 time. In their opening drive OU finally managed to find some momentum and push one all the way down the field for the first points of the game.

OU 6, NEO 0

The extra point is good.

OU 7, NEO 0

On the following drive NEO marches down the field before being forced to rely on the field goal team. The field goal is no good.

OU 7, NEO 0

OU’s offense is still running off the same momentum they were in their previous drive. In a drive that takes 9 minutes OU has found the momentum to start pulling away.

OU 13, NEO 0

In a shocking and unforeseen trick play OU successfully executes a fake extra point and pushes it in again for 2.

OU 15, NEO 0

The third gun sounds as OU is only a quarter away from capturing their 11th Hammer Tournament trophy.

End of 3rd Quarter, OU 15; NEO 0

4th Quarter

NEO desperately needs to find some kind of momentum as they are now scoreless in 3 quarters of play. OU finishes off a drive that started in the 3rd quarter with a field goal.

OU 18, NEO 0

NEO is looking at a 3 score deficit and so far has shown nothing. With a little over 10 minutes left in the game NEO finally scores on a drive that takes them the length of the field. The biggest play of the drive was a 30 yard pass down the middle.

OU 18, NEO 6

The extra point is good.

OU 18, NEO 7

NEO kicks off to OU and the OU kickoff returner fumbles the ball. The ball is recovered by NEO near the OU 10 yard line. 3 plays later NEO scores.

OU 18, NEO 13

The extra point is good.

OU 18, NEO 14

That is 14 unanswered points by NEO as they kick off to OU. NEO has to find a way to slow this OU offense down and fast as the clock now shows less than 2 minutes in this Hammer Bowl Championship. OU has slowed down a bit since they do not have to score again to win. In the final drive of the game NEO sacks OU’s quarterback 3 times and an NEO player had his hands on the ball during an OU pass attempt twice. However NEO does not manage to get the ball back. This was one for the record books.

Final, OU 18; NEO 14

Thank you to everyone for participating in my first ever published edition of the Hammer Tournament. I truly enjoyed doing it this year. I have done it for the last 12 years but never thought about sharing it with anyone before.

My next post will be my final post for the 2012-2013 sports season and conclusion of year 1 for fanaticalhammer.com. I will start the 2013-2014 sports season as the Kansas City Royals and the Kansas City T-Bones both get ready to start spring training. However before that I will post the second annual Champion of Champions Tournament. I will explain more about that later.

I hope everyone enjoyed reading my Hammer Tournament posts.

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