#1 Oklahoma Vs #4 Southwestern Oklahoma State Simulated First Half

Road to Ham Bowl (small)

Today we have the first game for the #1 seeded Oklahoma Sooners. Oklahoma (OU) and Southwestern Oklahoma State (SWOSU) have been participating in the Hammer Tournament for many years however this is only the 3rd time these two teams have met.

In 2006 and 2007 SWOSU made back to back appearances in the Hammer Bowl Championship and both times they were shutout by a very powerful OU defense. 2006 saw OU defeating SWOSU 13 to 0 and 2007 saw OU defeating SWOSU again this time 22 to 0. It was not very long after that that the single game bowl was replaced with the 5 team tournament that we see today and SWOSU found it extremely difficult to make an appearance outside of the Wild Card round or a very lopsided matchup with UCM in a semifinal game.

OU is a seasoned veteran when it comes to Hammer Tournament appearances and championships. OU has walked away from the Hammer Tournament 10 out of 11 times with the Hammer Tournament Trophy. They were also the Hammer Tournament representative for the first annual Champion of Champions Tournament that occurred last year. (I will explain more about the Champion of Champions Tournament after this seasons Hammer Tournament has concluded) Now with introductions aside let’s start the second semifinal game.

SWOSU won the toss and will elect to receive the ball to begin the 2nd half.

1st Quarter

Midway through the first quarter SWOSU is held to a 3 and out on their possession and immediately is forced to punt to OU. OU receives the punt of their own goal line however for some reason the punt returner either had a memory lapse or completely forgot what to do with the ball after catching it. He must have thought he was standing on the 5 yard line because he actually kneeled on it on the 1 foot line. OU will have to drive the ball 99 2/3 yards for their first touchdown. On the first play for OU a SWOSU player leaps over the line and tackles the running back in the backfield. Safety for SWOSU.


Unbelievable. #4 SWOSU is leading #1 OU at Norman.

OU answers back very quickly with a TD.


The extra point is good.


The rest of the first quarter is a heavy weight slugfest as both teams struggle for points that never happen.

End of 1st Quarter, OU 7; SWOSU 2

2nd Quarter

In a continuation from the 1st quarter both teams have trouble scoring against each other’s quickly adjusting defenses. SWOSU is clearly still running off their first ever Hammer Tournament victory and want to hold that trophy at the end.

Just before halftime OU scores again.

OU 13; SWOSU 2

In an attempt to score some insurance points before the half OU goes for 2. The 2 point conversion is good.

OU 15; SWOSU 2

The first half comes to a close.

End of 1st Half, OU 15; SWOSU 2

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