2012 Division I Football Playoff Simulator – pre-seeding

With Division I College Football Playoffs coming in just 2 seasons from now I thought it would be fun to simulate what playoffs would be like if they took place this year. Please note that I am simulating a 4 team playoff based on the information that I have available to me at the time of this posting so please be aware that if there are significant policy changes or major overhauls of  what has already been said then it very well could render my simulation mute. I am going to present to you the results over the course of multiple postings over the next week to 2 weeks. Firstly I need to explain how pre-tournament seeding is going to happen:

Pre-Tournament seeding will rank the top 4 teams in the pre-bowl BCS rankings. Just like the playoff system that will be happening in 2 years emphasis will be given toward teams that have won their conferences and special consideration will be given to teams from non-AQ conferences ONLY if they rank above an AQ-Conference Champion. Like I said this is all based off of the information that I have available to me at the time of this posting so here we go

#1 Notre Dame in not a member of an AQ conference however they are ranked above a team that is the conference champion from an AQ conference so Notre Dame will take the #1 seed.

Alabama is the highest ranked conference champion from an AQ conference so they will take the #2 seed

Here is where things get a little funny but I believe that they are fair: #3 Florida and #4 Oregon are both members of AQ conferences however neither team won their respected conferences so even though they are ranked in the top 4 they are not automatically birthed into the new playoff system. That’s right, according to what I have heard, understand, and know about how Division I Playoffs will work #3 Florida and #4 Oregon would not be participating this year.

And we move on. #5 Kansas State did win their conference and are a member of an AQ conference so they will take the #3 seed.

And rounding out the #4 seed is #6 Stanford. They won the Pac-12 conference and the Pac-12 is an AQ conference.

#1 Notre Dame

#2 Alabama

#3 Kansas State

#4 Stanford

There are the top 4 teams based on final rankings, AQ conferences, Conference Champions, & everything I know about the upcoming playoff system. Sorry Florida, Oregon, Georgia, LSU, Texas A&M, South Carolina, and Oklahoma. Under the new playoff format you would not even be considered 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, or 11th (respectfully). And to further add to the confusion even if you removed any of the 4 teams (Notre Dame, Alabama, Kansas State, or Stanford) you still wouldn’t be eligible for playoffs. In fact the next best team (AKA the best team on the outside looking in) (AKA the #5 seed team) would actually be #12 Florida State who won the ACC which is also an AQ conference.

Yes the BCS has controversy, yes the BCS is not a perfect system, yes there are a bunch of teams that should be going to BCS games this year that aren’t, yes we all would like to see a better system in place. However I’m not fully convinced that the playoff system is the answer to all these problems. I just want everyone to keep this in mind as the last 2 years of the BCS are played out and we continue to whine and complain about it and praise the playoff system as some sort of savior given to us from the college football gods. We are trading one set of problems for a completely different set. Because I can tell you right now that it isn’t even close.


In traditional 4 team playoff format we are going to match up #1 Vs #4 and #2 Vs #3. Since the sites of the semifinal games have not yet been determined I am going to leave that one blank. Wherever they end up playing is where they end up playing. However the this year the Championship game will be played in the Rose Bowl so that is where  that game will take place.

Below is the official (unofficial) bracket for the 2012 Division I College Football Playoffs. Stay tuned tomorrow for the first half of the game between Notre Dame and Stanford.







#1 Notre Dame – NAQ ()






#4 Stanford – Pac 12 ()




@ Rose Bowl (3


#2 Alabama – SEC ()






#3 Kansas State – Big 12 ()




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