2014 NFL Simulated Playoff

This is my first ever attempt at simulating the NFL Playoffs. I really hope that this works out. This years NFL Playoffs look at be absolutely amazing. I am showing 5 upsets taking place in my simulation. 3 of those upsets are taking place in the Wild Card round. Let’s get started.

AFC Wild Card

#5 Kansas City UPSETS #4 Indianapolis 11 to 10

#3 Cincinnati defeats #6 San Diego 14 to 9

NFC Wild Card

#5 San Francisco UPSETS #4 Green Bay 15 to 2

#6 New Orleans UPSETS #3 Philadelphia 12 to 7


#5 Kansas City advances to play #1 Denver in the Divisional Round

#3 Cincinnati advances to play #2 New England in the Divisional Round

#5 San Francisco advances to play #2 Carolina in the Divisional Round

#6 New Orleans advances to play #1 Seattle in the Divisional Round

Like I said there are a lot of upsets in the Wild Card Round



AFC Divisional Round

#1 Denver defeats #5 Kansas City 20 to 11

#3 Cincinnati UPSETS #2 New England 14 to 12

NFC Divisional Round

#1 Seattle defeats #6 New Orleans 19 to 13

#5 San Francisco UPSETS #2 Carolina 15 to 14


#1 Denver Vs. #3 Cincinnati for the AFC Championship

#1 Seattle Vs. #5 San Francisco for the NFC Championship



AFC Championship

#1 Denver defeats #3 Cincinnati 21 to 14

NFC Championship

#1 Seattle defeats #5 San Francisco 19 to 15

And there you have it #1 vs #1 in the Super Bowl. I’m a little upset that Kansas City didn’t make it but I will still root for an AFC team over a NFC team in the big game.



Super Bowl

#1 Denver defeats #1 Seattle 24 to 22

Congratulations to Denver for winning my Simulated Super Bowl. Now we need to sit back and enjoy the next 5 weeks of football and see how accurate my simulation really is. Like I did with the NCAA Division II Simulated Tournament I will post weekly status reports every Monday following the actual games.

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