#4 Southwestern Oklahoma State Vs the #5 Kansas City Chiefs Simulated First Half

Road to Ham Bowl (small)

Welcome to the first ever published edition of the Hammer Bowl Tournament. The first game is a Wild Card game between my old university and my favorite NFL team. The winner of this game will advance to the semifinals to pay #1 seeded Oklahoma.

This is Kansas City’s 3rd time participating in the Hammer Tournament since becoming an automatic qualifier in 2010. Back in 2010 they lost in the semifinals to Central Missouri 5 to 17 then in 2011 they lost to Northeastern Oklahoma A&M in a shockingly close Wild Card game 6 to 12. This will be Kansas City’s 3rd attempt to grab their first win in this tournament.

Southwestern Oklahoma State University is no stranger to this tournament they have been here 4 times in the past. However their experience does come with a strange statistic. Southwestern has yet to score a single point in the tournament. That’s right. They had back-to-back Championship appearances in 2006 and 2007 but failed to stand their ground against Oklahoma. They lost 0 to 13 in 2006 and 0 to 22 in 2007. In 2008 Northeastern Oklahoma A&M made a surge for the title and locked Southwestern out of participating. Southwestern didn’t make another appearance again until the single bowl version was abandon in favor for the tournament system that was installed in 2010. In 2010 Southwestern lost in the Wild Card game to Northeastern Oklahoma A&M 0 to 2. Then last year they grabbed a semifinal pre-seeded spot but lost to Central Missouri 0 to 10.

Kansas City won the toss and will elect to receive the ball first.

1st Quarter

As anyone would imagine the first quarter of a game between the only two teams that finished with a losing record is very uneventful. Southwestern and Kansas City both end the first quarter with no score.

End of 1st Quarter, SWOSU 0; Kansas City 0

2nd Quarter

Both teams make a surge to get any type of momentum rolling but nothing happens. The first half of the 12th Hammer Tournament comes to a close.

End of 1st Half, SWOSU0; Kansas City 0

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