#4 Southwestern Oklahoma State Vs the #5 Kansas City Chiefs Simulated Second Half

Road to Ham Bowl (small)

Southwestern will receive the ball to start the 2nd half..

3rd Quarter

Both teams get an opportunity at long field goals but they both miss. The entire quarter is filled with 3-and-outs on both sides of the ball. Once again neither team can get anything moving.

End of 3rd Quarter, SWOSU 0; Kansas City 0

4th Quarter

Continuing on a drive that started in the 3rd quarter Southwestern has a running back find a seam up the middle and run it all the way in for the first TD of the game. Penalty on the play. Holding by the offense. The TD doesn’t count. Regulation comes to an end with no score. This is a new Hammer Tournament record. This is the lowest scoring game since the 2010 Wild Card game between Northeastern Oklahoma A&M and Southwestern that ended in a safety by NEO late in the 4th quarter for the win 2 to 0.

End of Regulation, SWOSU 0; Kansas City 0


The Wild Card game in the Hammer Tournament has become the home of upsets and strange turns. Now we have overtime. Overtime in the Hammer Tournament is simply playing what is essentially a 5th quarter. The two teams will continue this pattern until the next quarter ends without a tie score.

Remember that this is the first time these two teams have met in the Hammer Tournament. Southwestern wins the toss and elects to receive the ball to start overtime. Kansas City kicks it deep and the Southwestern returner bobbles the ball near the goal line. A Kansas City player hits the returner and there is a pile up in the end zone. The referees are signaling safety against Southwestern. I have never seen such a call before.

SWOSU 0; Kansas City 2

The first score of the game doesn’t occur until the 5th quarter and it is a safety. Fate seems to be against Southwestern in their 5th attempt to score a single point in the Hammer Tournament. With less than 2 minutes left Kansas City will only have to hang onto the ball and they will advance to the semifinals. Southwestern lines up like they are going to kick it deep. It’s a trick play. Southwestern’s kicker purposely tips the ball and while Kansas City was lined up for a deep return Southwestern recovers their own kickoff and now they have the ball right at midfield. The clock is showing 1:01 remaining. Southwestern has one time out remaining and 50 yards to go for a score to win this ballgame. The first play is a 20 yard pass down the middle of the field the receiver is hit immediately. 55 seconds remaining, 1st and 10 from the 30. The next play is a reverse, the Southwestern runner make it around the end for another 1st down. Southwestern has entered the red zone for the first time this game. 1st and 10 from the 19. The next play is a run up the middle. FUMBLE. Southwestern coughs it up. Kansas City returns the ball to mid field. Wait a minute, the referee is signaling that the Southwestern runner was down before the fumble. Southwestern keeps the ball. With only 22 seconds left Southwestern only has to drive the ball 15 yards. The next play is a run near the Kansas City sideline. The runner is tackled as he tries to get out of bounds to stop the clock. HE CAN’T REACH THE SIDELINE, THE CLOCK IS STILL RUNNING AND SOUTHWESTERN ONLY HAS ONE TIME OUT REMAINING. The quarterback hurries to the line of scrimmage and quickly spikes the ball. 3rd down and 10 yards to go for a Wild Card win. The clock is showing 3 seconds remaining. This is it for SWOSU, they absolutely have to score or it will all be over. The quarterback takes the snap and hands it off to a waiting running back. The running back goes up the middle for 2 yards. He is stretching out his arms trying to break the plain. He can’t do it. That’s it ladies and gentlemen it looks like Southwestern is going to be denied a chance to recover from that embarrassing safety from earlier in overtime.

Wait a second. A sideline judge is talking with the head umpire. It looks like he is signaling that Southwestern called their final timeout before the play. 3 seconds will be put back on the clock as it appears that Southwestern will attempt a game winning field goal. The ball is snapped and the place kicker receives the ball. Hold looks good. The kick is away. AND IT’S GOOD. Southwestern didn’t do it pretty but they pulled it off. Southwestern avoids the upset and beats the Kansas City Chiefs.

SWOSU 3; Kansas City 2

Southwestern is going to the semifinals for the second year in a row and will face Oklahoma. Southwestern and Oklahoma previously played each other in the 2007 Hammer Bowl Championship. Congratulations to SWOSU for finding a way to win it.

End of Overtime, SWOSU 3; Kansas City 2

Stay tuned tomorrow for the first of two semifinal games. Tomorrow will host #2 seed Northeastern Oklahoma A&M Vs. #3 seed Central Missouri. That game will also feature two teams who have never met before in the Hammer Tournament. Hammer Tournament 2012 is truly a tournament of firsts.

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