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MeMy name is Bryon and I am the founder of FanaticalHammer.com. My passion for sports statistics began during my first semester at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College in Miami, OK in 2001.

It all began when I noticed that smaller football teams (Non-FBS and non-NFL) receive little to no attention from the large news sources. The two colleges I attended NEO A&M, a Junior College, and Southwestern Oklahoma State, a Division II College, hardly ever made national news. This observation was further noticeable when my younger brother attended The University of Central Missouri, also a Division II College.

I am a born and bred fan of the Oklahoma Sooners and also a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs since moving to the Kansas City area in 2007. I noticed that OU and the Chiefs are always in the national news based solely on the fact that OU is a FBS school and the Chiefs are in the NFL. I decided I needed to find a way to bring my 5 favorite teams together under equal footing and treat them to the same lime light.

FanaticalHammer.com went online May 16th 2012 with the intention of introducing weekly Game Cards that presented the audience with interesting, informative, and mildly obscure statistics involving my five favorite teams and their corresponding opponents.

I highly encourage readers of my site to comment on the articles I publish. Simply click on the article title you wish to comment on and scroll to the bottom of the page to leave a comment. Your comments, suggestions, and criticisms will greatly influence future articles.


FanaticalHammer.com Short Term Goals

1. Add statistics for the Oklahoma Outlaws from the USFL
2. Create a text messaging service to notify subscribers about new published articles
3. Add list of all-time Kansas City Chiefs Pro Bowlers
4. Add list of all-time Northeastern Oklahoma A&M All-Americans
5. Add list of all-time Oklahoma All-Americans
6. Add list of all-time Southwestern Oklahoma State All-Americans
7. Add list of all-time Central Missouri All-Americans
8. Create History section for each team to highlight important dates from the past


FanaticalHammer.com Long Term Goals

1. Add statistics for the Tulsa Golden Hurricane
2. Add statistics for Oklahoma State Cowboys
3. Add statistics for the Kansas Jayhawks
4. Add statistics for the Missouri Tigers
5. Add statistics for Denver Broncos
6. Add statistics for Oakland Raiders
7. Add statistics for San Diego Chargers

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