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NFL Simulated Playoffs – Super Bowl Accuracy

Prediction                                           Reality                                                  Correct?

New England 22, Seattle 21          New England 28, Seattle 24                        Yes

Last week’s record 23-13

This week’s record 1-0

Total 24-13 correctly predicted the opponents for the Junior College National Championship (East Mississippi Vs Iowa Western) correctly predicted the Junior College National Champion (East Mississippi defeated Iowa Western) correctly predicted one of the opponents in the NCAA DII National Championship (Minnesota State Mankato) correctly predicted the opponents for the NCAA DI National Championship (Ohio State Vs Oregon) correctly predicted the opponents for Super Bowl 49 (New England Vs Seattle) correctly predicted the Super Bowl 49 Champion (New England)

Out of 37 post-season/playoff games between Junior College (1 game), NCAA Division II (23 games), NCAA Division I (3 games), and NFL Playoffs (11 games) correctly picked the winner 64.9% of the time.