Hammer Bowl Tournament XII Pre-Seeding

Road to Ham Bowl (small)

Now that the Super Bowl is behind us and my artificial tournament simulator has all the pieces of the puzzle that it needs lets simulate the Hammer Bowl Tournament. If you don’t know what is going on then please read my previous post about it. In short; this is a simulated tournament between my 5 favorite teams. Each team is pre-seeded based on their final winning percentage. My special formula strips away the differences in each league (Division I, Division II, Junior College, & NFL) and puts all 5 teams on an even playing field. I us a standard 5 team tournament bracket, single elimination, highest seeded team gets home field advantage, except for the championship game that will be played in the same location as the National Championship game back in January. The first half of the wild card game between #4 Southwestern Oklahoma State and the #5 Kansas City Chiefs will be posted on this coming Wednesday. Here is the tournament bracket. See you on Wednesday.

Wild Card Semifinals Championship Champion
#1 Oklahoma
#4 Southwestern Oklahoma State @ Norman
@ Weatherford TBD
#5 Kansas City
#2 Northeastern Oklahoma A&M
@ Miami
#3 Central Missouri

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