Hammer Tournament Preseason Standings Coming Next Week

A new add-on for an old FanaticalHammer.com product. This year I will be doing my own week-to-week Hammer Tournament Standings. The Hammer Tournament of coarse is the artificial tournament that I produce at the end of the season that matches my 5 favorite teams together in a 5 team single elimination tournament. The standings computer only needs 2 more pieces of information before I can produce a preseason result and I am expecting to get those last two pieces by Friday August 30th.

I want to let everyone know that this years Hammer Tournament is already starting to raise a few eyebrows. Please note: To date there has been 12 Hammer Tournaments. Oklahoma has won the tournament 11 out of 12 times (OU’s only season they did not win it was in 2005 when a heavy favorited #1 ranked NEO could not be stopped. OU and NEO have played each other 10 times, 8 of those 10 times were in the championship round.

In 2001-2005 NEO and OU were both in the championship every year. In 2001 OU defeated NEO 18 to 5. In 2002 OU defeated NEO 23 to 11. In 2003 OU obliterated NEO 28 to 8. And in 2004 OU defeated NEO 18 to 8. However in 2005 #1 NEO stunned the world defeating #2 OU 15 to 4. After the only loss in Hammer Tournament history OU came roaring back. The next 4 seasons saw OU shutting out opponents completely. 2006 was OU-13, SWOSU-0. 2007 was OU-22, SWOSU 0, 2008 was OU-27, NEO-0. And in 2009 it was OU-17, NEO-0.

Before the 2010 season changes were made to the Hammer Tournament Formula that greatly reflected the status of defeating quality opponents in the regular and post season. Also 2010 saw the first expansion in the Hammer Tournament with the addition of Central Missouri and the Kansas City Chiefs. Central Missouri brought a level of competition that NEO and SWOSU had failed to bring the previous 4 seasons. In 2010 the championship game was OU-24, UCM-18 and in 2011 it was OU-21, UCM-10. In their first two seasons in the Hammer Tournament UCM made a dramatic impression. No team outside the state of Oklahoma has ever advanced as far at UCM did in their first two seasons in the tournament.

2012 saw the return of an old match up. Oklahoma Vs Northeastern Oklahoma A&M together again for the first time in 3 years. The closest margin of victory ever in the championship round and an unbelievable finish for both teams. At the half the score was nothing-nothing. Then in the second half OU scored twice making it 15 to 0. NEO started one of the biggest comeback attempts that the Hammer Tournament has ever seen, however and OU field goal before the final gun sealed the victory, OU-18, NEO-14.

The Hammer Tournament has seen some of the biggest games, it has seen massive deficits erased, and it has seen it’s share of upsets. With all of that said I do believe that this season will be one of the best. Like I said I currently have 2 of the 4 pieces of the puzzle that i need to produce this years preseason rankings and when i get those final 2 pieces I do believe that we will see something that will prove my thoughts for the excitement of the upcoming season. I don’t want to spoil anything so i will stop there. Please stay tuned.

UPDATE 8/30/2013 – I appear to have over estimated how quickly the NCAA DII Preseason Rankings are going to be released. If the DII rankings come out today before 5pm then I will most likely be able to post the Hammer Tournament Preseason Standings today. However If the DII Rankings come out after 5pm today they I will have to wait until Late Sunday or maybe even Monday before I can crunch the numbers.

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