Hammer Tournament XIII – Championship – #1 Oklahoma Vs #3 Central Missouri Simulated Second Half

Road To Hammer Bowl 13

Welcome back to Hammer Bowl XIII. When we left off OU had just scored a field goal to tie the game as the first half came to an end. The 3rd quarter will begin with OU receiving the ball.

The 3rd quarter is a defensive battle as both teams are forced to punt multiple times. A total of 6 punts are made (3 per team) before Oklahoma converts a 3rd and long into a 1st and goal from the 5 yard line. The next play OU fakes the handoff to the running back and the quarterback throws a short pass over the line of scrimmage for OU’s second touchdown.

OU 17, UCM 10

Since we are looking at a possible overtime here in the Championship I thought I should remind everyone that there have only ever been 2 overtime games in Hammer Tournament history. Both of those overtimes happened during the Wild Card rounds of the 2011 and 2012 Hammer Tournaments

Hammer Bowl XI – Wild Card – Overtime 1 – KC 4, NEO 10

Hammer Bowl XII – Wild Card – Overtime 1 – SWOSU 3, KC 2

There has never been an overtime game in the Hammer Bowl (Championship). There is a very good chance that we could see our first here today.

The first 7 minutes of the 4th quarter is more of the same from the 3rd quarter. Both Offenses fight for yards but never get beyond the 30 yard line. With 8 minutes left in the game Oklahoma has the ball and the running back breaks a tackle and OU has the ball on the UCM 29 yard line. This is the first time either team has been inside the 30 this entire second half. Going ahead two touchdowns may just put this game out of reach for Central Missouri.

OU Ball, 1st and 10 from UCM’s 29. A wide receiver breaks down field and cuts laterally across the field at the 15 year line. The pass is complete for another 1st down.

OU Ball, 1st and 10 from UCM’s 15. A run up the middle for 5 yards.

OU Ball, 2nd and 5 from the UCM 10. The running back is stopped at the line of scrimmage for no gain.

OU Ball, 3rd and 5 from the UCM 10, 5 minutes remaining. The quarterback keeps the ball after a hard fake on a sweep to the right and goes charging up the middle. He is hit hard at the line of scrimmage and the ball comes out. FUMBLE at the UCM 10 yard line. Oklahoma recovers but now it is 4th down and less than a yard. Here comes the field goal unit. The odds of Central Missouri scoring twice in 4:30 are very slim in this low scoring game. OU is now lined up in field goal formation and here is the snap. It goes wide right as I don’t believe that the place kicker got a good hold as OU’s kicker is clearly upset. Instant replay shows that after the holder got the snap he actually bobbled the ball after he scraped it against his knee. UCM will have 4:15 to drive the ball 90 yards and they only trail by a single touchdown.

UCM Ball, 1st and 10 from the UCM 10, 4:15 remaining. UCM has plenty of time left but clock maintenance is a must as they don’t want to score with too much time on the clock. The first play of this potential game tying drive is a run around the right side and UCM picks up 10 yards and the first down.

UCM Ball, 1st and 10 from the UCM 21, 4:00 remaining. UCM appears to run the exact same play again but only picks up 5 yards this time. The clock is still running.

UCM Ball, 2nd and 5 from the UCM 26, 3:45 remaining. On and end around UCM picks up 15 yards.

UCM Ball, 1st and 10 from the UCM 41, 3:30 remaining. An Oklahoma defensive end breaks through the line and catches the Central Missouri quarterback behind the line of scrimmage for a sack.

UCM Ball, 2nd and 15 from the UCM 36, 3:15 remaining. Oklahoma appears to be blitzing all as UCM throws a screen and gets a first down.

UCM Ball, 1st and 10 from the OU 49, under 3 minutes remains in this game. UCM has crossed the 50 yard line and quarterback takes the ball from under center and drops back 6 yards. It’s a Hail Mary for the end zone. The UCM receiver and the OU defender both jump for it but it’s an incomplete pass. There is a FLAG on the play. Pass interference against Oklahoma that’s a 15 yard penalty and an automatic first down for Central Missouri.

UCM Ball, 1st and 10 from the OU 34, 2:00 remaining. The Central Missouri quarterback is sacked for a 1 yard loss.

UCM Ball, 2nd and 11 from the OU 35, 1:45 remaining. The clock is running as UCM completes a pass along the UCM sideline for 5 yards.

UCM Ball, 3rd and 6 from the OU 30, 1:30 remaining. The UCM running back takes the ball and charges up the middle for 10 yards. The crowd is on their feet here at the Rose Bowl as UCM is looking to tie this game up.

UCM Ball, 1st and 10 from the OU 20, 75 seconds are remaining. UCM is now in the red zone. On a quick snap Oklahoma is caught on their heels as it appears that the defense was not set. The UCM running back is tackled by the OU linebacker after gaining another first down. The Oklahoma defense needs to step it up here if they are wanting to keep UCM out of the end zone.

UCM Ball, 1st and goal from the OU 10, 55 seconds are remaining. A run up the middle is good for 5 yards but the clock is still running.

UCM Ball, 2nd and goal from the OU 5, 45 seconds are remaining. The UCM quarterback is back under center, he drops back, he pump fakes to the right, an OU defender covers down on a UCM receiver, UCM’s quarterback rolls to the left out of the tackle box and is desperately trying to find an open receiver in the back of the end zone, he throws to the corner and the pass is deflected off the hands of the OU defender. The incomplete pass will stop the clock with 32 seconds left. It is deafening loud here in the Rose Bowl and this Oklahoma crowd is making it extremely difficult for this UCM offense to get plays out.

UCM Ball, 3rd and goal from the OU 5, 32 seconds left. The clock starts as soon as it is placed on the field by the official and then snapped to the quarterback. The quarterback hands the ball off and the running back gains 3 yards. UCM is all out of timeouts and the clock is ticking.

UCM Ball, 4th and goal from the OU 2, 10 seconds left. The UCM quarterback drops back and is showing pass, he scrambles to the right, he is hit by an Oklahoma lineman but stays on his feet, He charges past the line of scrimmage and is met by two OU defenders but he lowers his shoulder and surges ahead, he is at the 2, he is at the 1, as he falls toward the turf he extends the ball over the goal line. TOUCHDOWN Central Missouri!

OU 17, UCM 16

This place is absolutely electric as the clock is now showing zero seconds remaining in the game and with an extra point UCM will force the first overtime in Hammer Bowl history. The Oklahoma coaching staff is yelling to the defensive line as UCM is celebrating and jumping around. This is the closest Hammer Bowl game since last year’s Hammer Bowl when Oklahoma defeated Northeastern Oklahoma A&M 18 to 14.

UCM will now attempt the extra point to put this game into overtime. Here comes the snap. An Oklahoma defensive end comes charging around the line and is untouched as he puts his hands up in the diamond shape in front of the place kicker. IT’S BLOCKED. The Oklahoma defensive line has blocked the kick. The ball is on the turf rolling around. An Oklahoma player picks it up and is running toward the end zone. He’s at the 10, the 20, the 30, the 40, he’s at the 50 before he is finally tackled on the 50 yard line. The clock is still showing zero seconds as the whistle ends the play. OKLAHOMA WINS! OKLAHOMA WINS! This is one of the most thrilling, unbelievable, and exciting games I have ever witnessed. The referee is signaling game over as the Oklahoma fans, players, and coaches celebrate winning their 12th Hammer Bowl Championship.

I would like to thank all the visitors of my site for reading this year’s Hammer Tournament. Writing these simulated games is something that I look forward to every year. Next week I will post the simulated Champion Of Champions Tournament where I matchup the NCAA DI Champion, NCAA DII Champion, Junior College Champion, NFL Champion, and Hammer Bowl Champion against each other in another 5 team, single elimination tournament. This final massive post will be my last post for the 2013-2014 sports season. I will begin the 2014-2015 sports season on February 24th with my first weekly This Week in Baseball post. Thank you again everyone. See you in 1 week and 2 days. Congratulations to Oklahoma for winning another Hammer Bowl.

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