Hammer Tournament XIII – Wild Card – #4 Southwestern Oklahoma State Vs #5 Northeastern Oklahoma A&M Simulated First Half

Road To Hammer Bowl 13

With the final Hammer Tournament Standing showing #1 Oklahoma, #2 Kansas City Chiefs, #3 Central Missouri, #4 Southwestern Oklahoma State, & #5 Northeastern Oklahoma A&M the matchups will be as follows.

The first game will be the Wild Card game between #4 Southwestern Oklahoma State and #5 Northeastern Oklahoma A&M. This game will be played in Weatherford, OK giving home field advantage to SWOSU. The winner will advance to the Semifinal round and play #1 Oklahoma at Norman, OK.

The second game will be the first of two Semifinal games. This one will be #2 Kansas City Chiefs going up against #3 Central Missouri. This game will be played at Arrowhead stadium in Kansas City, MO.

The winner of the 2 Semifinal games will advance to Hammer Bowl XIII. That game is played in the same location as the NCAA DI National Championship which was at the Rose Bowl.

Let’s begin the simulation. SWOSU is entering this game after finishing one of their best seasons since joining the Hammer Tournament in 2004. Their 6-5 2013 record is tied with the SWOSU team from 2007 & 2006. There has been a serious momentum shift since SWSOU defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in Hammer Tournament XII a year ago.

Northeastern Oklahoma A&M is the only team in the Hammer Tournament with a losing regular season record. Their 3-6 record is tied with the NEO A&M teams from 2011, 2009, 2008, & 2006. NEO A&M is a charter member of the Hammer Tournament. They actually won the Hammer Bowl Championship back in 2005 against Oklahoma.

SWOSU won the toss and elected to receive the ball first. The first half is a major slugfest as SWOSU looks to claim their 2nd victory in Hammer Tournament history and NEO A&M is looking to salvage a disastrous season. NEO A&M’s defense bends but doesn’t break as they hold SWOSU to only a field goal in the first quarter.

NEO A&M marches down the field on multiple attempts in the 2nd quarter but 3 consecutive possessions that end with a fumble inside SWOSU’s 20 yard line sees NEO A&M getting shut out in the first half. Just before the second gun SWOSU sacks NEO A&M’s quarterback in the end zone for a safety. There isn’t enough time on the clock for SWOSU to take advantage of the turnover and the first half ends with SWOSU leading NEO A&M 5 to 0. The second half will be posted tomorrow.

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