Hammer Tournament XIII – Wild Card – #4 Southwestern Oklahoma State Vs #5 Northeastern Oklahoma A&M Simulated Second Half

Road To Hammer Bowl 13

It is now time to start the second half of this Wild Card game between Southwestern Oklahoma State and Northeastern Oklahoma A&M. SWOSU has been all over NEO A&M’s offense and actually shut them out the first half. NEO A&M has not been shut out in the Hammer Tournament since their back-to-back shutouts in 2008 and 2009 against Oklahoma.

The momentum from the first half is noticeably lost and both teams seem to be playing at a much lower tempo. NEO suffers costly mistake after costly mistake as the third quarter comes to an end with the score still at 5 to 0 (SWOSU). It seems that every time NEO A&M gets inside the 20 they either miss a field goal or fumble the ball away.

SWOSU doesn’t do much better. The bulldogs offense has fallen flat as their defense keeps NEO A&M out of the end zone for the 4th consecutive quarter. There you have it folks. Southwestern Oklahoma State wins the Hammer Tournament XIII Wild Card and will play #1 Oklahoma in the second Semifinal game. Tomorrow the first half of the first Semifinal game between #2 Kansas City Chiefs and #3 Central Missouri. This will be Kansas City’s 4th attempt to pull off a victory in the Hammer Tournament so you will have to wait and see what happens.

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