Hammer Tournament XIV – Semifinal 1 1st Half

Hammer Tournament XIV – Semifinal 1 1st Half

In yesterday’s Wild Card action we saw Northeastern Oklahoma A&M advance to the Semifinals for the 3rd time in program history. Today we will see the #2 Oklahoma Sooners vs the #3 Kansas City Chiefs.

Oklahoma is a founding member of the Hammer Tournament. Since 2001 OU has competed in every single Hammer Tournament Championship and won 12 out of 13 of them. Their only loss came in 2005 when the powerhouse that was Northeastern Oklahoma A&M completely dismantled OU in the second half. A stout NEO A&M defense shutout OU’s offense in the second half and won 15 to 4. OU’s only scores were a pair of safeties in the 2nd and 3rd quarters.

Kansas City joined the Hammer Tournament in 2010 as part of a two team expansion. Kansas City, along with Central Missouri, expanded the tournament from 3 teams to 5 teams, and helped usher in the tournament format. Before, with only 3 teams, the Hammer Bowl simply selected the top two teams and left the third out. Starting with the 2010 season a 5 team, single elimination format with a wild card game and two semifinal games was adopted.

It has taken 5 years for this to happen but we are finally fitting the final piece of the puzzle in place. OU and KC have never met before in this tournament and today we will finally see it happen.

The Chiefs are the visiting team so they call the coin toss. KC elects to receive the ball first. A 3 and out by a stout OU defense forces KC to punt. OU receives the punt and runs it all the way back for the first touchdown of the evening.

OU 6, KC 0

The extra point is good.

OU 7, KC 0

The first quarter is quite the slugfest as both teams are displaying strong defenses. The first quarter ends without an answer by KC.

End of 1st quarter, OU 7, KC 0

The 2nd quarter begins with an OU running back making easy work of KC’s defensive line and breaking 60 yards for another touchdown. However a costly face masking penalty erases the TD. This momentum shift propels Kansas City to finally answer. At 2nd and 7, KC’s running back breaks up the middle and is untouched as he runs into the end zone.

OU 7, KC 6

Kansas City runs a trick play as the ball holder lets the ball fly past him directly into the hands of the kicker. The kicker then runs forward to the line of scrimmage and tosses the ball over the defensive line and into the hands of fellow player. The 2 point conversion is good.

OU 7, KC 8

What a play. We go to the half with Kansas City leading Oklahoma. The second half will be posted tomorrow.

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