Hammer Tournament XIV – Wild Card 1st Half

Hammer Tournament XIV – Wild Card 1st Half

The pre-tournament standings are as follows: #1 Central Missouri, #2 Oklahoma, #3 Kansas City, #4 Northeastern Oklahoma A&M, and #5 Southwestern Oklahoma State.

The first Hammer Tournament matchup will be the Wild Card game. It will face #4 Northeastern Oklahoma A&M against #5 Southwestern Oklahoma State. This game will be played in Miami, OK giving home field advantage to NEO A&M.

The next matchup will be a Semifinal game. It will face #2 Oklahoma against #3 Kansas City. This game will be played in Norman, OK giving home field advantage to OU.

The second Semifinal game will face #1 Central Missouri against the winner of the Wild Card game. This game will be played in Warrensburg, MO giving home field advantage to UCM.

It was a very unique year for the 5 Hammer Tournament teams. Only OU and UCM saw post season action, UCM was the only team to win a bowl game. Kansas City was just on the outside looking in when the post season rolled around. And Northeastern Oklahoma A&M and Southwestern Oklahoma State were both far from getting a post season bid.

NEO A&M and SWOSU have meet in the Hammer Tournament twice before. In 2010 NEO A&M shutout SWOSU 2 to 0 then in 2013 SWOSU shutout NEO A&M 5 to 0.

UCM stands 1-1 against NEO A&M and SWOSU. UCM defeated SWOSU 10 to 0 in the 2011 Semifinals and lost to NEO A&M 15 to 8 in the 2012 Semifinals.

Then there is the matchup we have been waiting for since the Chiefs joined the Hammer Tournament in 2010. Oklahoma Vs. the Kansas City Chiefs. OU and KC have never meet before in the Hammer Tournament. It will be interesting how an 8-5 DI college matches up against a 9-7 pro team.

Southwestern Oklahoma State (SWOSU) is the visiting team and has won the toss and has elected to receive the ball first. Let’s begin Hammer Tournament XIV.

The first half of the Wild Card is slow starting for both teams. Penalties and costly mistakes by both NEO A&M and SWOSU force 3 and outs as both teams fail to score on the ground or in the air. Both teams attempt and miss go ahead filed goals as the first half comes to a close.


The second half will be posted tomorrow.

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