Hammer World Series Game 2

Welcome to game 2 of the Hammer World Series. Where I match up my two favorite baseball teams in a best of 5 (first team to win 3 games) post season series. The T-Bones have won the series the last 2 years. The Royals have just finished their best season in a long time. Lets see how each team does.

Royals lead the series 1 game to none.

Game 2 starts fast just like game 1 did. The Royals score 2 in the top of the first and the T-Bones score 3 in the bottom. A little momentum and Royals can easily take game 2.

However the T-Bones stifle the Royals and the Royals don’t score again for the rest of the game. The T-Bones score 3 in the 2nd inning and once in the 3rd.

The T-Bones take game 2 to tie the series.

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