Hammer World Series Game 4

Welcome to game 4 of the Hammer World Series. Where I match up my two favorite baseball teams in a best of 5 (first team to win 3 games) post season series. The T-Bones have won the series the last 2 years. The Royals have just finished their best season in a long time. Lets see how each team does.

The T-Bones lead the series 2 games to 1

This very well could  be the final game game of this years hammer World Series if the T-Bones can complete their sweep.

The Royals come out strong scoring 2 runs in the 1st.

The T-Bones cut the deficit in half scoring 1 run in the 2nd.

Expanding their lead to 5 by scoring an additional 3 runs in the 3rd makes the score 5-1 Royals.

A heavy handed T-Bones defense stops the Royals from scoring again and the T-Bones go on to score once in the 4th, three times in the 5th, & twice more in the 7th.

The T-Bones rally back from a 5-1 Royals in the 4th inning to win the game 7-5.

Congratulations to the T-Bones for completing the sweep and defeating the Royals 3 games to 1 and winning the Hammer World Series 3 years in a row.

It was an exciting year for baseball. Here’s to a much improved Royals and T-Bones for the next season.

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