KC Overall Opponents (1960-Present)


MGHelmet Arizona Cardinals 2005-presentArizona Cardinals (St. Louis/Arizona Cardinals) KC has a 8-3-1 record
Location: Glendale, AZ
Official Site of the Arizona Cardinals

MGHelmet Atlanta Falcons 2003-presentAtlanta Falcons KC has a 6-3-0 record
Location: Atlanta, GA
Official Website of the Atlanta Falcons Football Club


MGHelmets Baltimore Colts 1978-1983Baltimore Colts (see Indianapolis Colts) KC has a 5-3-0 record
Location: Baltimore, MD
History of the Baltimore Colts (Wiki)

MGHelmet Baltimore Ravens 1999-presentBaltimore Ravens KC has a 4-4-0 record
Location: Baltimore, MD
Baltimore Ravens | Home

MGHelmet Boston Patriots 1964-1970Boston Patriots (see New England Patriots) KC has a 10-5-3 record
Location: Boston, MA
New England Patriots (Wiki)

MGHelmet Buffalo Bills 2011-presentBuffalo Bills KC has a 21-26-1 record
Location: Orchard Park, NY
The Official Website of the Buffalo Bills


MGHelmets Carolina Panthers 2012-presentCarolina Panthers KC has a 4-2-0 record
Location: Charlotte, NC
The Official Site of the Carolina Panthers

MGHelmets Chicago Bears 1983-presentChicago Bears KC has a 5-7-0 record
Location: Chicago, IL
The Official Website of the Chicago Bears

MGHelmets Cincinnati Bengals 1981-presentCincinnati Bengals KC has a 13-15-0 record
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Cincinnati Bengals

MGHelmets Cleveland Browns 2006-presentCleveland Browns KC has a 12-11-2 record
Location: Cleveland, OH
Clevelandbrowns.com | Official Site of the Cleveland Browns


MGHelmets Dallas Cowboys 1977-presentDallas Cowboys KC has a 4-7-0 record
Location: Arlington, TX
DallasCowboys.com | Official Site of the Dallas Cowboys

MGHelmets Denver Broncos 2002-presentDenver Broncos KC has a 61-55-0 record
Location: Denver, CO
Official Site of the Denver Broncos

MGHelmets Detroit Lions 2009-presentDetroit Lions KC has a 8-5-0 record
Location: Detroit, MI
The Official Site of the Detroit Lions




MGHelmets Green Bay Packers 1980-presentGreen Bay Packers KC has a 7-4-1 record
Location: Green Bay, WI
Packers.com, the official website of the Green Bay Packers


MGHelmets Houston Oilers 1981-1996Houston Oilers (see Tennessee Titans) KC has a 26-17-0 record
Location: Houston, TX
History of the Houston Oilers (Wiki)

MGHelmets Houston Texans 2002-presentHouston Texans KC has a 6-4-0 record
Location: Houston, TX
Official Site of the Houston Texans


MGHelmets Indianapolis Colts 2004-presentIndianapolis Colts (Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts) KC has a 9-16-0 record
Location: Indianapolis, IN
The Official Website of the Indianapolis Colts | Homepage


MGHelmets Jacksonville Jaguars 2013-presentJacksonville Jaguars KC has a 5-6-0 record
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Jacksonville Jaguars, Official Site of the Jacksonville Jaguars



MGHelmets Los Angeles Chargers 1960-1960Los Angeles Chargers (see San Diego Chargers) KC has a 3-1-0 record
Location: Los Angeles, CA
1960 Los Angeles Chargers season (Wiki)

MGHelmets Los Angeles Raiders 1982-1994Los Angeles Raiders (see Oakland Raiders) KC has a 14-12-0 record
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Oakland Raiders (Wiki)

MGHelmets Los Angeles Rams 1981-1994Los Angeles Rams (see St. Louis Rams) KC has a 1-4-0 record
Location: Los Angeles, CA
History of the Los Angeles Rams (Wiki)


MGHelmets Miami Dolphins 2013-presentMiami Dolphins KC has a 14-16-0 record
Location: Miami Gardens, FL
Official Website of the Miami Dolphins

MGHelmets Minnesota Vikings 2013-presentMinnesota Vikings KC has a 7-5-0 record
Location: Minneapolis, MN
The Official Site of the Minnesota Vikings


MGHelmets New England Patriots 2000-presentNew England Patriots (Boston/New England Patriots) KC has a 18-14-3 record
Location: Foxborough, MA
Official Website of the New England Patriots | Home

MGHelmets New Orleans Saints 2000-presentNew Orleans Saints KC has a 6-5-0 record
Location: New Orleans, LA
Official Site of the New Orleans Saints

MGHelmets New York Giants 2000-presentNew York Giants KC has a 3-11-0 record
Location: East Rutherford, NJ
Giants.com | The official website of the New York Giants

MGHelmets New York Jets 1998-presentNew York Jets (New York Titans/Jets) KC has a 19-19-1 record
Location: East Rutherford, NJ
Official Site of the New York Jets

MGHelmets New York Titans 1960-1962New York Titans (see New York Jets) KC has a 3-3-0 record
Location: Manhattan, NY
New York Jets (Wiki)


MGHelmets Oakland Raiders 1995-presentOakland Raiders (Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders) KC has a 63-53-2 record
Location: Oakland, CA
The Official Site of the Oakland Raiders


MGHelmets Philadelphia Eagles 1996-presentPhiladephia Eagles KC has a 4-4-0 record
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Official Site of the Philadelphia Eagles

MGHelmets Pittsburgh Steelers 1977-presentPittsburgh Steelers KC has a 11-23-0 record
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Official Site of the Pittsburgh Steelers




MGHelmets San Diego Chargers 2007-presentSan Diego Chargers (Los Angeles/San Diego Chargers) KC has a 56-55-1 record
Location: San Diego, CA
San Diego Chargers

MGHelmets San Francisco 49ers 2009-presentSan Francisco 49ers KC has a 5-7-0 record
Location: Santa Clara, CA
49ers.com | The Official Site of the San Francisco 49ers

MGHelmets Seattle Seahawks 2012-presentSeattle Seahawks KC has a 33-18-0 record
Location: Seattle, WA
Seahawks.com | Seattle Seahawks

MGHelmets St. Louis Cardinals 1960-1987St. Louis Cardinals (see Arizona Cardinals) KC has a 3-1-1 record
Location: Tempe, AZ
History of the St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)

MGHelmets St. Louis Rams 2000-presentSt. Louis Rams (Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams) KC has a 7-4-0 record
Location: St. Louis, MO
Official Site of the St. Louis Rams


MGHelmets Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1997-presentTampa Bay Buccaneers KC has a 5-7-0 record
Location: Tampa, FL
Buccaneers.com | The Official Site of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

MGHelmets Tennessee Titans 1999-presentTennessee Titans (Houston Oilers / Tennessee Titans) KC has a 29-23-0 record
Location: Nashville, TN
Tennessee Titans | Buy Tickets




MGHelmets Washington Redskins 2003-presentWashington Redskins KC has a 9-1-0 record
Location: Landover, MD
Official Site of the Washington Redskins




Overall Record
Wins Losses Ties
465 434 12
W Factor T Factor
471 6
First Seas 1960
Last Seas 2017
Seasons 58
Games/S 15.71
Win/S 8.02
Loss/S 7.48

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