Notre Dame Vs Alabama National Championship Simulated 2nd Half

Notre Dame Vs Alabama 3rd Quarter.

We are back from halftime and ready to start the 3rd quarter of this simulated National Championship between Notre Dame and Alabama.

Recap: at the end of the 1st quarter we had a tie game 14-14.

Notre Dame shut down Alabama in the 2nd quarter and took 23-14 lead.

The 3rd quarter is a heavyweight slugfest as both teams drive the ball into their opponent’s territory but are forced to punt time and time again.

Notre Dame attempts to pad their lead with a field goal late in the 3rd but the kick goes wide right.

No scoring in the 3rd quarter.

End of 3rd Quarter.

Notre Dame 23; Alabama 14.


Notre Dame Vs Alabama 4th Quarter.

Notre Dame’s Heisman Trophy finalist has stopped Alabama from scoring in two consecutive quarters.

Notre Dame just needs to hang on for one more quarter and they will be National Champions.

Alabama has the ball to start the 4th quarter from a drive that started late in the 3rd quarter.

Alabama runs a screen as Manti Te’o lines up to bust it wide open the way has all day.

Alabama fumbles but the receive recovers the ball as there appears to be an injury on the field.

Manti Te’o appears to be shaken up on the play but ok. He lost his helmet so he will have to sit out a play.

In Alabama’s first play of the game without Manti Te’o on the filed the score on a dynamic run up the middle.

Notre Dame 23; Alabama 20.

On a fake extra point attempt Alabama scores 2 on the extra point.

Notre Dame 23: Alabama 22.

And just like that Alabama is back in this ball game.

We are checking instant replay to see if Te’o was the victim of an Alabama cheep shot.

He was not just a pileup for the ball and he appeared to tweak and ankle.

On the next two series Notre Dame and Alabama both fail to score.

Late in the 4th quarter Alabama is punting to Notre Dame.

The Notre Dame punt returner is hit hard and fumbles the ball.

Alabama recovers and scores on the ensuing play.

Notre Dame 23; Alabama 28

PAT is good.

Notre Dame 23; Alabama 29.

For the first time since early in the 1st quarter Alabama has taken the lead.

With less than 5 minutes to go Notre Dame is in serious jeopardy of losing this game.

Notre Dame stall on their drive midfield with a 3rd and 5. Three minutes to go.

A two yard run makes it 4th and 3.

Notre Dame has to go for it midfield as they still trail by 6.

Notre Dame has 3 receivers to the left and showing pass.

It’s the old Statue of Liberty play but Alabama makes the stop on the line of scrimmage.

It is all coming down to the spot.

The referee is signaling 1st down Alabama.

Instant replay confirms that Notre Dame’s knee was down short of the first down marker.

Alabama gets the ball back on downs.

Alabama is not going to kneel on it. This game is personal.

The crowd erupts as Alabama pushes up the middle for a TD a few plays later.

Notre Dame 23; Alabama 35.

PAT is good.

Notre Dame 23; Alabama 36.

On the kickoff the clock expires before Notre Dame can down the ball.

Alabama started the game strong, then Notre Dame made a dramatic comeback. Alabama was forced to climb way back to win this game.

Final. Notre Dame 23; Alabama 36.

Alabama wins the Division I 2012 National Championship.



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