Notre Dame Vs Stanford Semifinal Simulated 2nd Half

Notre Dame Vs Stanford 3rd Quarter

Notre Dame will receive the ball the second half.

Notre Dame drives the ball from the 20 yard line to mid field before being forced to punt.

On the ensuing punt return the Stanford punt returner drops the ball. There is a pile up but Stanford recovers with no gain.

Stanford drives the ball to the Notre Dame 30 and attempts a field goal.

Field goal is wide right. No Good. Stanford 20; Notre Dame 23.

That is the first field goal Stanford’s kicker has missed today.

Notre Dame stalls on the following drive and punts.

Stanford once again drives the ball the length of the field and are stopped in the red zone.

Stanford attempts their second field goal of the second half.

This time the kick pulls to the left. No Good. Stanford 20; Notre Dame 23.

Notre Dame drives the ball to mid field as time expires.

End of the 3rd quarter Stanford 20; Notre Dame 23.


Notre Dame Vs Stanford 4th Quarter

Notre Dame’s defense has shut down Stanford and held Stanford scoreless in the previous 2 quarters.

If it wasn’t for 2 missed field goals Stanford would be leading the game.

On the first play of the 4th quarter Notre Dame’s running back finds a seam and runs the ball 45 yards for a TD.

Flag on the Play. Penalty. Notre Dame is charged with a 15 yard personal foul. The TD does not count.

Stanford 20; Notre Dame 23

Notre Dame is forced to punt after a QB sack and a running play that is stopped at the line of scrimmage.

With less than 3 minutes to go in the game Stanford has the ball on their own 20 yard line with 3 time out remaining and trailing by only a field goal.

1st play of a potential game winning drive: Stanford completes a pass to the 30 yard line. First Down Stanford.

2nd play: 5 yard run up the middle. 2nd and 5.

3rd play: 15 yard pass is tipped but completed at the 50 yard line. 1st Down from mid filed as the clock now shows just under 2 minutes to go.

4th play: incomplete pass to the right. 2nd and 10 from the 50. 1:50 remaining.

5th play: 5 yard run. The runner gets out of bounds to stop the clock. 3rd and 5 from the Notre Dame 45. 1:40 remaining.

6th play: 15 yard pass is complete. The runner fumbles the ball on the 30. There is a pileup on the ball. If Notre Dame recovers here the game is over.

The referee is signaling 1st down Stanford. 1st and 10 from the Notre Dame 30. 45 seconds remain.

Stanford’s kicker is warming up on the sidelines.

7th play: 9 yard run up the middle to Notre Dame’s 21. 2nd and 1. Stanford calls time out with 30 seconds remaining.

8th play: a pass to the right. The runner steps out of bounds at about the line of scrimmage. Stanford loses ground on the spot of the ball. 3rd and 2 from Notre Dames 22. 25 seconds remaining.

9th play: a 15 yard run up the middle for a first down.

Flag on the Play. Penalty. Holding by Stanford. The ball is going back to near the 30 yard line still 3rd down. 10 seconds to go.

10th play: a 5 yard run up the middle to get the field goal kicker the best angle and a time out.

4th down and inches. Ball on the 20 yard line. The clock is showing 3 seconds remaining. Stanford will attempt a Field Goal to send this game into overtime. Winner advances to the National Championship game and will play the winner of the Kansas State and Alabama semifinal game.

11th play: The kicker lines himself up. Here comes the snap. Good hold. Kick is away. And the kick bounces off the right upright and bounces back into the field. The Kick is NO GOOD. Notre Dame wins 23-20 in a thrilling 4th quarter drive by Stanford the ends with 3 missed field goals in a row.

End of game. Stanford 20; Notre Dame 23.

Tune in tomorrow for the 1st half of the Kansas State Vs Alabama Semifinal Simulated game.


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